Albino Cockatiel Information

Albino Cockatiel

In albino cockatiels, all the genes responsible for producing color pigments are altered. You get an albino by breeding for lutino and whiteface genes. If you think snowy white birds are beautiful, then this color of cockatiel is the one for you.

What Does an Albino Cockatiel Look Like?

  • Their feathers are all white.
  • Their eyes are red.
  • Their beak and feet are pink.

Common Health Problems

Because they’re missing the pigments needed for dark colors, they have red eyes, and this can lead to a variety of eye problems – most of which you can’t see, but hurt the bird anyway. Some of these problems include:

  • Light sensitivity (Photophobia). This can make normal levels of light painful, and can lead to seeing excessive glare, which can give your cockatiel regular headaches.
  • Involuntary eye movements (Nystagmus). This condition can give your cockatiel reduced or limited vision.
  • A decrease in visual acuity in one or both eyes (Amblyopia).
  • Underdevelopment of the optic nerve (optic nerve hypoplasia).
  • Any other eye problem associated with being an albino.

Unfortunately, most owners of albino cockatiels aren’t even aware of these problems. Perhaps more people would think twice about buying one of these birds for their looks, if they knew.