Cockatiel Lifespan: How Long Do Cockatiels Live?

In captivity the average cockatiel lives between 15 and 25 years, with good care, and some live for as long as 32 years. Obviously, the ones that arenít well cared for tend to get depressed, sick and dead within a few short years.

So, how can you give your cockatiel the best shot at a long and healthy life? Itís simply a matter of good habits, and once you have them, it wonít be any effort at all to keep your little guy in top condition.

  1. Good diet: Itís a fact of life that bad diet leads to health problems, and thatís just as true for your cockatiel as it is for you. You can help extend your cockatielís lifespan by making sure theyíre eating a balanced diet of nutritious food.
  2. Regular exercise: Yep, plenty of exercise goes right along with good diet. Cockatiels need the chance to stretch their wings, to keep their bodies in good condition.
  3. Socialization and entertainment: Good health is about more than good diet and exercise. If your cockatiel is lonely or depressed, it is likely to dramatically decrease their lifespan Ė not to mention their existence being miserable.

    These little birds are very social and inquisitive creatures, and they need regular interactions and love to keep them happy. But then, you didnít just get one to look pretty in a cage, so thatís no problem.
  4. Good hygiene: All you need to do is take a few minutes daily to wash out food and water bowls, with warm, soapy water, and clean out their cage every few days. Stopping nasty germs getting a foot hold will prevent many illnesses, and help keep your cockatiel feeling great.
  5. Regular health inspections: Pay attention to your cockatielís body language and other behavior, and the condition of their body, so you build up an idea of how they should look and behave. Youíll soon be able to spot any changes quickly, which will help you catch signs of illness before itís too late.

As you might expect, this is all pretty common sense stuff. Whatís good for people is generally good for cockatiels, except they eat a somewhat different diet Ė although you probably know some health food nuts who eat much like a cockatiel does.

If you build these few things into your daily routine, chances are your cockatiel will live a long and happy life. Good luck with it.